E-Whoring is faking your way through human manipulation to get money from a person intern of some kind of sexually pleasuring act. Normally you are not the one comitting these acts. The term is often used for people who pose as a young girl willing to strip on the internet for money.

E-Whoring is done by making the person you meet think you are a beautiful girl. You are desperately looking for some money and need help paying something in your fictional life. The person feels sorry enough and he pays you to sexually pleasure him over the internet. It maybe simple as just a naked pose or more demanding to actually perform a full masturbation session.

Basically what you do it you pretend to be a girl in a chat room or you set up some advertisements on various sites intended for that. Growth of popular social networks has made e-whoring easier.

Horny old dudes who are searching for young girls will notice your ads and contact you. They will want to buy some photos from you through e-mail or meet up on webcam chat, usually Skype. No one wants to get scammed so you have to seem believable. Here is where VCWs with multiple different options on it such as Blow A Kiss, or Show Peace Sign, or Wave comes handy. People have been scammed before or just plain fooled by a fake video so they might want you to do something in order to prove you are real. With VCWs and numerous possibilites they bring you, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Simply click the action and pass the "fake-check". People will pay you real money to watch your VCW strip and masturbate for them. Some VCW users even go up to the extension of blackmailing. They pose as underage girls and search for pedophiles.

Experienced e-whorers use various annonimity tools such as Proxy or VPN. Keep in mind, e-whoring is illegal! This site doesn't teach you how to actually do it, it merely explains what it is and how does it work.